era is the Open Source web application designed by geoSDI ( for managing geospatial services based on Google GWT Technology. In the current processes for developing systems for managing geospatial data webservices are being widely used. The Open Geospatial Consortium is the organization active in the drafting of technical specifications for construction of standard components. There are many projects devoted to the realization of OWS server, such as GeoServer, MapServer. To truly take advantage of the benefits of OWS services, we need to have tools able to show the collection of information (services) from multiple servers in order to make assessments and any useful analysis to the purposes of our work. Current webGIS projects (like Openlayers, Mapserver), though effective for the display of webservices and the creation of maps, are basic tools and thay don't allow a professional work on geospatial data. geoSDI ERA allows to improve the work on web services and to expand the level of geospatial data interoperability. Through geoSDI ERA, interoperability is no longer linked only to the sharing of data and information allowed by OWS server, but it becomes also the sharing of professional working tools. Number of developers:4 Maturity of project 1year. It's used from National Civil Protection Dept. of ITALY