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GWT - OpenLayers plugin aims to wrap OpenLayers JavaScript objects as GWT ui widgets so that GWT users can easily include OpenLayers ui widgets on their web pages for rendering geographical maps produced by GeoServer and/or other map servers like Google Maps, etc.

GWT - OpenLayers plugin is an open source project implemented by Erdem Gunay. Although it does not support all the OpenLayers classes yet, it is in a good shape to use main features including

* Map, Marker, Icon, LonLat, Size, Pixel, Bounds etc.
* Layers (WMS, Google, Vector, Markers)
* Controls (DrawFeature, LayerSwitcher, MousePosition, MouseToolbar, PanZoomBar, Scale)
* Handlers (Point, Path, Polygon)
* Popups (Popup, Anchored, AnchoredBubble)
* Events