Hyperjaxb3 provides relational persistence for JAXB objects. HJ3 augments schema-derived classes with JPA annotations (or mappings) thus adding persistence capabilities. The project provides JAXB add-on, Maven plugin, runtime and test packages, project templates and samples, it also contains ~50 test projects.

The project is currently hosted on dev.java.net, but I'm really tired of their CollabNet infrastructure. I'd really like to have JIRA and Confluence.

The project is developed by a single author (me) with a large number of use cases and test scenarios delivered by users.

The project is ~ 2 years old with 8 released versions. Current code base is stable and production-ready. I know that it is used by a number of external parties.

The weak part is documentation. Hosting a project on dev.java.net I've tried different formats - HTML/DocBook docs, GlassFish wiki, Maven-generated reports, but what I would really appreciate is Confluence which dev.java.net does not provide.

I would like to extend the documentation on the basis of Confluence and promote my project more. I believe that I did a good thing and I want it to serve the community.

Few details on my person. My name is Aleksei Valikov, 30 years old. High education and PhD in computer science. 9+ years experience as a developer, currently employed as a senior software engineer/technical lead in a medium-size GIS/spatial software house in Karlsruhe, Germany.