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Anonymous Access - Git protocol

Anonymous access is available via the Git protocol.


Anonymous browsing is possible via the GitWeb interface at the URL listed below.

Committer Access - Git over SSH

Committer access is only available via the Git protocol over SSH.


You need to tell Git to use the 'git' user id (as we utilise <a href="">Gitosis</a>), and then supply your PERSONAL private keys to your ssh tool.

You can update your public keys in your <a href="/my/details">personal details</a>

Scheme Permissions

The permission scheme in use is "Public Project Autonomy"
Scheme permissions are controlled by Codehaus Support; if you need to customize permissions, then please see the custom permissions below
project role permission
Jetty Anonymous Read from SCM Repository
Jetty Despot Read from SCM Repository
Jetty Despot Write to SCM Repository
Jetty Despot Manage SCM Repository
Jetty Developer Read from SCM Repository
Jetty Developer Write to SCM Repository
Custom Permissions
project role permission