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Testing Java with Ruby testing tools

JtestR is a tool that will make it easier to test Java code with state of the art Ruby tools. The main project is a collection of Ruby libraries bundled together with JRuby integration so that running tests is totally painless to set up. The project also includes a background server so that the startup cost of JRuby can be avoided. Examples of Ruby libraries included are RSpec, dust, Test/Unit, mocha and ActiveSupport.

The vision of the project is to be the testing tool of choice for Java projects, offering nice Ant, Maven and buildr integration. It will also support integration testing with common Ruby libraries like Ruby/LDAP and ActiveRecord, while still providing access to Java libraries and helpers.

The current implementation is still very young, and used only for testing itself. The aim is to release the first version within a few days from now, and gather reactions to steer the direction of the next release.