Yagll - Yet Another Groovy LDAP Library

Yagll is a four-method API, that combined with Java 5 Annotations, allows you to map fields in existing Java and Groovy classes to attributes in LDAP object classes, without any additional classes.

It is in use of the products of The Devicesoft Organization, LLC and is available as my show of appreciation to the Java, and especially, the Groovy community.

It depends on nothing except Groovy and JNDI. It offers pluggable authentication, to extend beyond the supported simple authentication and GSSAPI. It allows offers pluggable cache if performance is a real concern. Configuration uses standard ConfigObject for easy integration with Grails and, possibly other Groovy apps.

The manual is on the web site, it is complete and it only takes a couple of pages.

This API is lean and mean, but you will find it adequate for real work, without real work.