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Project has moved to Bitbucket! JTestMe dynamically defines smoke test suites for Java applications - dramatically improving the continuous integration cycle time. When running your full test suite (unit, integration, functional, etc), the code is instrumented by JTestMe to record any application Classes which are executed are recorded into a repository. Super-classes and classes that are not directly called by tests are also included so the full scope is captured. When you change any application code, the repository is inspected to determine which tests should be run. These tests can then be run whenever you save a file, as an automatic pre-commit build test suite, or as an automatic smoke test suite for a Continuous Integration tool like CruiseControl. Rather than having to run the whole test suite again, or pre-defined test suites, only the tests that need to be run to exercise the changed code are the ones that are run, dramatically reducing the feedback cycle for most applications. Once the smoke test suite has passed, you would then run the full test suite, in order to fully assure the behaviour of the application (as some changes are beyond the view of the executing code). Maturity: Alpha (currently working, test-driven code) Dependencies: * AspectJ * Java 1.5