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Castor is an open source data binding framework for Java. It's the shortest path between Java objects, XML and relational tables. Castor provides Java-to-XML binding, Java-to-relational persistence, and more.

This project provides a Castor JDO-specific implementation of the Spring ORM module, allowing users to use Spring ORM as their preferred choice of dealing with the persistence aspects of their applications whilst using Castor JDO as underlying persistence provider.

The Generic Repository (grepo) is an open source (ASLv2) framework for Java which allows you to access (database) repositories in a generic and consistent manner. Using grepo, it is generally no longer required to provide all the boilerplate code which is necessary in order to access (database) repositories from Java. All you have to do is write appropriate database code (queries, procedures, functions etc.), an appropriately annotated Java interface, and very little Spring configuration.