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SymmetricDS is web-enabled, database independent, data synchronization software. It uses web and database technologies to replicate tables between relational databases in near real time. The software was designed to scale for a large number of databases, work across low-bandwidth connections, and withstand periods of network outage.

JTStand is a free scripting environment for data collection, an open source software, written in Java, scripted by Groovy. Latest project information is at: Maturity: the first release you can expect as soon as all code and doc is moved to the Haus. Users? It is not even at RC1. Sources: svn checkout About the competition: What competition? Please inform developers of any open source projects which has similar goals. Why Codehaus? some JTStand dependencies are here, beside other respected projects. Expecting a few good programmers joining, based on some publicity from Codehaus and a stable infrastructure.