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Mule is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and integration platform. It connects everything from legacy applications and mainframes to JEE application, to SaaS and mobile applications. Its the most widely used integration platform in the world. * Find out more: * Download the source code at: * Get the code:

Enunciate is a web service deployment framework (not another web service stack implementation). Enunciate provides a mechanism to build, package, and deploy your web service API. Enunciate compiles your source code and generates a web app that includes user-level documentation, a consolidated WSDL, SOAP endpoints, REST endpoints, JSON endpoints, client code, etc.

Geomatys is a french development company working on GIS Tools. Geomatys ( is an active contributor of GeoTools, which is already hosted on Codehaus. Constellation is a Java Project based on GeoTools, the original project is SeaGIS (, SeaGIS is a database schema for raster data created by Martin Desruisseaux, Constellation will go further with raster processing and rendering, vector rendering and greater analyses capabilities.